Top 5 Summer Skincare Products You Need to Buy!

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Summer Skincare ProductsThe hot weather demands you to take extra care of your skin. 

With the new season, one should also change the skin care routine and products.

And as in winters, you may slather heavy duty creams, but summer demands extra protection from the sun and few cooling products.

Here’s a list of 5 summer skincare products you need right now:

#1. Cooling foot spray

While you cover your face with a pair sunglasses and hat, your body might get tortured in the sunny days. The hot summer can make your feet sweaty, smelly and vulnerable to infection. While flats can make your feet extra dry and tired in summers. To combat odour and refresh your feet, use a cooling foot spray.

#2. Face mist

Who doesn’t love to splash some water on their face in the sweltering summer? And that’s why you need a face mist in your bag, so you can refresh anytime during the day! Rosewater face mist is the best pick for summers. It is refreshing and as the rose is anti-inflammatory—it helps to soothe the heat induced irritation.

#3. Aloe Gel

The one product that you need in your beauty first aid kid is aloe gel. From sun burn to rashes, aloe gel can help to calm down redness and irritation.

#4. Anti-Perspirant

Sweat patches on your shirts can be a major faux pas. A good anti-perpirant or deodorant can keep the odour away and control excess sweating and apply it on your underarms, back of the knees and even your decolletage.

#5. Sunscreen

There’s no question on how important sunscreen is for summers. Make sure you apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before you head out. This helps the sunscreen to get absorbed better and protect from the harmful sun rays.

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