The Health Benefits of Magnesium: Dental Health & Nutrition

Benefits of Magnesium: Magnesium happens to be one of the six essential macro-materials that make up for the 99 percent of the body’s mineral contents. Magnesium assists to build bones and enables the nerves to function and is essential for the production of energy from the food.

Not only that, in the case of treating conditions like chronic pain, headaches, asthma and sleep disorders, magnesium has been seen to portray therapeutic values.

And in recent stages, magnesium has been linked to a decreased incidence of conditions such as hypertension, heart disease as well as diabetes.

Magnesium and Oral Health

In case of your oral health, there is a very common symptom and these include the anxiety, poor sleep, teeth grinding, stress, headaches and TMJ pain and all these seem to fit into the category of facial pain.

People suffering from the craniofacial pain know that it is quite a difficult problem to solve. But there may be the nutrient deficiency which is the main reason behind these.

Benefits of Magnesium

People who suffer from bruxism or grind their teeth are reported to have tensed facial muscles, sleep poorly and often report anxiety or depression. It is a problem with unrestful sleep and tensed muscles.

Magnesium is a nutrient that more people should know about. The health benefits of magnesium help to support the critical functions in each and every organ of the human body. Dental nutrition shows us how to eat for the health of the whole body and for life-long.

How Magnesium Helps Protect the Teeth

Many people believe that calcium is the key nutrient for the healthy teeth. Though calcium is important, magnesium is just a bit more important than that of calcium. Even though research is still being done to dig out all the ways in which magnesium assists or enhances the oral health, but studies have already shown the fact that magnesium forms the kind of hard layer which resists the decay.

And no matter how much calcium you take, without magnesium, only a soft type of enamel can be formed. If the enamel is too soft, then it will not be able to resist the acids of the decay to a great extent.

Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium chloride is said to be very good for the oral health and it gets absorbed sublingually well beneath the tongue. For people who have magnesium deficiencies, they are recommended to spray magnesium oil held in the mouth and under the tongue for several minutes.

Not only that, magnesium has also proved its worth for cleaning the teeth although more studies are called for in this regard. Prior to using magnesium in your mouth, you should, however, talk to your dentist to ensure whether it is the right thing for you to do or not.

Sources of Magnesium

Most people suffer from a deficiency of magnesium. This is a huge problem at the time when you consider that magnesium is responsible for 700 functions of the body and that includes maintaining the strong tooth enamel. So here are some ways by following which you can make up for the deficiency.

Leafy vegetables are the primary source of magnesium. Apart from that, nuts, fish, avocados, seeds, dried fruits, bananas as well as dark chocolates are good sources of magnesium. These are healthy nutrient options that can be easily included in your diet. But that is not enough for the overall wellbeing of your health.

So how can you ensure the intake of sufficient amount of magnesium! There are a lot of supplements available today in the form of powder and pills that you can take. But they can upset the stomach and can produce uncomfortable symptoms like diarrhea.

Again, you can use Epsom salts, but it is not ideal for resolving a magnesium deficiency as it is difficult to be absorbed by the body and it is execrated very easily.

Benefits of Magnesium

Herein comes the need of topical magnesium supplement that contains magnesium chloride. This is one form that facilitates optimum absorption as a result of which your body gets all the advantages that the master mineral has to offer.

So by incorporating the right mix of the nutrient options mentioned above together with topical magnesium supplements, you can make up for the deficiency of magnesium in your body which is bound to prove beneficial for your health.

Health Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is required to stave off the ailment, prevent inflammation and support the system in the body. But most people do not get sufficient magnesium in their diet. Over 600 enzymatic reactions are stimulated by magnesium. These include the significant biochemical reactions like the following-

  • Muscle function
  • Nerve function
  • Protein synthesis
  • Heart function
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Bone development
  • Energy production
  • Calcium and potassium transport
  • DNA and RNA synthesis

As magnesium is linked with so many physical functions you will feel a bit off if you are not getting enough of it.

Significant Benefits of Magnesium Backed by Science

There are hundreds of advantages of magnesium. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Helps with Sleep– A common advice for insomnia happens to be the intake of magnesium that activates your parasympathetic nervous system which helps to calm you down. It also stimulates the melatonin production to a great extent.
  • Helps with Weight Loss – While one pill should never be considered the solution to weight loss, magnesium offers weight loss support. Especially, magnesium citrate helps you lose water weight and stool weight. Magnesium also assists to lower your insulin resistance and helps to boost your overall energy production. Both of these are beneficial components that are required to achieve and maintain your healthy weight.
  • Combats Inflammation – Everyone should be working on the reduction of inflammation in their body. Even the healthiest individuals face this challenge. Magnesium is known for the anti-inflammatory effects n the body. Magnesium is considered an anti-aging mineral. It reduces the oxidative stress to a great extent which are the two factors of nearly every disease that is associated with stress.
  • Enhances Mood – Magnesium also helps to enhance the brain functions to a great extent. Studies reveal magnesium to be very effective in helping with depression. Mental health issues can be enhanced by the deficiency of magnesium.
  • Resists Diabetes Type 2 – Magnesium helps to fight the development of Type 2 diabetes in a number of ways like lowering insulin resistance, reducing the overall risk and improving the level of blood sugar.

The above are some of the amazing health benefits including oral benefits that magnesium offers. A lack of it can not only make you pay for the expensive treatments like paying for the root canal cost, dental filling cost, diabetes and depression medication costs and others but also make you suffer a lot. So, you should make it a point to include magnesium in ample amount in your diet.

Health Benefits of Magnesium

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